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Experience Basic Cleaning Service

Starting at just $135, Our basic cleaning service includes:

1. Vacuuming: Removing dirt, dust, and debris from carpets, rugs, and furniture.

2. Making beds: Ensuring all beds are neatly made with smooth sheets and fluffy pillows.

3. Dusting: Eliminating dust and allergens from furniture, shelves, frames, and electronics.

4. Sanitizing surfaces: Disinfecting commonly touched areas like doorknobs, switches, countertops, and remotes.

5. Mopping: Using effective techniques and cleaners to leave hard floors spotless and stain-free.

6. Cleaning bathroom: Scrubbing and sanitizing the toilet, sink, mirrors, shower, and bathtub for a germ-free environment.

Please note that we can customize our cleaning plan to fit your specific needs. Our Basic Cleaning Service is designed to meet all your vacation home cleaning needs.
Contact us today to book our Basic Cleaning Service and enjoy a hassle-free experience!
Upgrade to our Advanced Cleaning Service

Priced at $180, this service includes everything that our Basic Cleaning Service offers, with the addition of several extra tasks to provide you with an exceptional cleaning experience.

What's included in our Advanced Cleaning Service:

1. Deeper Clean: Our team will perform a meticulous deep clean of every room in your home, including hard-to-reach areas and corners.

2. Dishwasher Cleaning: We will clean and sanitize your dishwasher, ensuring it is free from grime and food residues for optimal performance.

3. Fridge Cleaning: Our experts will thoroughly clean and sanitize the interior and exterior of your refrigerator, eliminating any lingering odors and leaving it sparkling clean.

4. Laundry Services: We will assist you by collecting and laundering any specified laundry items, ensuring fresh and clean clothes, linens, or towels.

5. Outside Deck Cleaning: Our team will clean and scrub your outdoor deck, removing dirt, debris, and stains to make it look brand new.

6. Cabinet Organization: We will organize your cabinets, decluttering and arranging kitchenware to optimize space and functionality.

7. Kitchenware Cleaning: Our professionals will thoroughly clean and polish your kitchenware items, leaving them shiny and ready for use.

8. Bathroom Sparkle: We will devote extra attention to your bathroom, ensuring it gleams and feels fresh with scrupulous cleaning of all surfaces, fixtures, and mirrors.

9. Deep Cleaning of All Rooms: With our advanced cleaning service, we will give each and every room in your home a deep clean, leaving no stone unturned.

At Firesland Cleaning, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and satisfaction. Our Advanced Cleaning Service offers an extensive range of additional cleaning tasks to give you a spotless and pristine home. Trust our professional cleaners to meet and exceed your expectations.

Book our Advanced Cleaning Service today and give your vacation home the love it deserves!